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April 1, 2013 Meeting

  • He is standing in our midst and He is saying, ďIím alive. I have risen. I want all you to look alive, fully alive, and I want you to love Me. I want you to be My light and My love to the whole world, so that mankind, all mankind, will come to know Me and the love I have for them.í

  • A while ago, the Lord gave me this image of a large group of sheep and standing in front of the sheep was this spotless, beautiful, white lamb; and it was as if in unison the sheep all bowed their heads, and I could see their lips and the song I heard them sing .....

    "Holy is the Lamb, holy is the Lamb ....
    Glory to the Lamb, glory to the Lamb ....
    Worthy is the Lamb, worthy is the Lamb ....
    Jesus is the Lamb, Jesus is the Lamb ....."

  • I am the vine and you are My branches. You are attached to Me as a baby is to its mother by the umbilical cord. You are mine.

  • Open your life to Me. I am here for all of you. I am the Lamb. Take My hand. I love you all.


August 20, 2012 Meeting

  • Weíre singing that last song of praise, I had an image of all of us standing in a boat, and the storm, the waves were just splashing against the boat, and we were all in the middle of this boat with our hands in the air and just praising God as if the sun were shining... you know, there was just no fear, no... we just knew that we were in Godís Presence and we were all putting our trust in Him and we didnít care about the storm, we didnít care about whatís going on. We were just praising Him and there was this freedom of all of us in this boat standing, and it was just beautiful, just beautiful... and to confirm it, we sang this last song Ďdonít let fear keep us apart.í Thank you, Jesus!

    My beloved children... trust Me. I am your your papa, your daddy. I carved you in the palm of My hand. I have woven you in your motherís womb. I know everything about you. I am your Rock, cling to Me.


August 13, 2012 Meeting

  • He says in a picture, and He says and there is Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit says wisdom, wisdom ... there is none. They says wisdom, but there is NONE. Wisdom, wisdom, and there are none... they say wisdom and Jesus says, there really none. And thereís no peace. Thereís war and the other part, there are other peoples part of the world, and think that they are Jesus, but Jesus says they look these people, give Me I donít want to talk to you about it. Thereís wars, even a peace that should be better, they donít love to you. Thereís no wisdom, and they donít, and Heís looking at people saying, that... and Jesus is saying that... I canít remember... Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Lord, I canít remember... praise You, Jesus.

    When the previous speaker got up and he spoke and he kept on saying, no wisdom, no wisdom, no wisdom; and I was trying to figure it out what he meant. Then he said, no love, no love. So the scripture that is in my heart is the scripture where it says that, to be doers of the Word. Anyone who listens to My word and does what it means is like a wise man who built his house on solid rock. The rains came and the floods came and never tore that house apart. Wisdom, the wisdom that we are called to love one another... and weíre not doing that. So we have no wisdom... right ... no love, no wisdom. Thank you.


August 6, 2012 Meeting

  • I see the Lord standing in front of an assembly of people and there were tears literally rolling down His face... and when we sang that song ĎI will roll onto You all my burdens and troubles,í I knew what the Lord wanted to say.

    And He said, ĎO my little ones, I see such anguish, I see such a sound of loss, I see a sense of betrayal, I see a people who are hurting. And I say to you, I am here .... please, come to Me... come and take shelter in the wounds of My hands ... come and take shelter in the wounds of My feet, and in the wound in My side... rest a while. Let Me rekindle in you the fire of that first love. Let Me empower you thru My grace, to move forward as a new creation on your journey home to Me.'


July 30, 2012 Meeting

  • Just before the anointing song where we sang ĎJesus fill us, fill Your sheep, fill Your lambs,í I saw my heart and it was like a vase, the top of the vase open wide and I saw these hands of God coming down with this water pitcher, just filling my heart up. And I want all of us today to open up our hearts, to let them be vessels... these vases as Jesus ministers to us tonight & fills us with this new wine... with this new water of life, with this new anointing... with this... something new tonight .... just open up those vases wide. Thank you, Jesus.


July 23, 2012 Meeting

  • Embrace it. This is the heat of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy it. Receive it. Iím telling you, take the heat and enjoy it. This is the Holy Spirit, the effect of the heat. I love you, My children.


July 16, 2012 Meeting

  • My children, My beloved children, Iíve called you here this night... open up your hearts, open up your minds, open up your souls My children ... I have so much to give you, more than you can ever imagine. I have love for you in abundance and more. Iíve called you here this night My children, to give you a special blessing. Each and every one of you will be changed and renewed and transformed tonight. Just open your hearts wide... itís Christmas, itís your birthday, itís a special time. Just receive the gift I have for you, for you alone. I love you My children ... I love you.

    Itís past all understanding... itís a peace I give for you to receive and to hold... and to take, to take away all your worries and your fears. My peace, this is a gift for you to receive, for you to take. My peace is for you.

    Words received after the talk on the Gift of Prophecy

    I am a God of Mercy. My call is for you, as you sit here this night and you hear the background noises of the world outside. I call YOU, I am speaking to your heart. I ask you to listen to that quiet gentle voice. I ask you to be My voice to the world outside. I ask you to be My voice to one another, to encourage, to comfort, to build up... be a sign of My Mercy to one another... and speak in boldness.

    Let go My children. Let go, surrender. Trust Me and give Me everything. Give Me your troubles, give Me your painful relationships. I know everything. I take care of the lilies of the fields, the birds of the air, the fish in the water, the mountains and the valleys and will I not take care of you? I know your troubles even before they come to you. So, just surrender them to Me. I love you. I will take care of you.

    The Lord seems to be saying, is there no prophets in this land today? Who will speak up for ME? Everybody is speaking up for everybody else. Are you a prophet in your home? When you see injustice do you speak... a prophet is a teacher, a corrections officer. When there is injustice in your work place do you speak up or do you keep quiet? Where there is injustice or abuse, there are you to prophecy. The readings that I have given you this week for daily Mass... the prophet Amos, the prophet Isaiah, talking to the people of Israel... the world is in the same shape or worse than it was in those days My people. I need messengers. I need people to say the Word. I tell you as I told the people back in those days... unless you are willing to give up everything for My sake, then youíre not really of Me. Do not be afraid. Mosses said ĎI donít know what to say, Lord before the Pharaoh.Ď God said, ĎDonít worry. I will send you My Spirit, I will put My Word in you mouth.í

    Do not be afraid to be standing up for Jesus. We always sing... here I am, Lord, here I am. I will go Lord, if You lead me... I tell you My people, I will lead you. One of these days, the time is coming, for I need witnesses in this world.

    Be kind and merciful. Thatís all I could get repeated over and over... Be kind and merciful.

    I am the Lord that healeth thee.

    God says to pray, love and honour the blessed Virgin Mary.

    I feel the Lord saying, ĎMy peace I give you. Be not afraid.í I feel that a lot of you have, have something to say but are afraid to come up. And God is saying, donít be afraid. ake a chance... come up and speak for His honour and glory.

    I keep hearing the word UNDERSTAND. You do NOT need to understand... how I work, why I work... you do not need to understand My ways. Step out in faith, bring My mercy and My love... bring My compassion. You do not need to understand My ways... for My ways are above your ways. Step out in faith, so people will know My love and My light.

    The Holy Spirit is saying that He is giving you a shaking, shaking you up. The Holy Spirit is shaking you in your hearts, like your shaking like youívie never done. The Holy Spirit will be giving you NEW. In stead of sitting there and staying there all the time... He is shaking you to go up! And I am here! And I am here and you are My young children and Iím shaking you... I am going to shake you up!


July 2, 2012 Meeting

  • My children, My beloved children, thank you, thank you so much for coming here this night, I wish that this room was filled to overflowing with My children, and that is where you come in. I need you. I need you to bring your brothers & your sisters here. I need YOU to tell them how much I love them. But in order to do that, you have to know how much I love YOU. You are so precious in My sight, each and every one of you. You are like a beautiful flower, a glorious star, something in the heavens. I love each and every one of you with every breathe that I take. Just open your hearts and receive what I have revealed that you may see just rivers of My blessings and My graces and My forgiveness and My love to My children. We will fill this room My children, we will fill this room to overflowing with My love and your love.


June 25, 2012 Meeting

  • Open up your hearts. I want to go deep, deep, deep into that dark place. You KNOW that dark place... I know it too. Iím there my children, I want to shine my light, and my healing and my love into that very dark place. Donít be afraid, donít be afraid. Open up your hearts, there is healing for you tonight... thereís so much for you tonight.


June 18, 2012 Meeting

  • My children, My beloved children, I have called you here this night and I ask you, I beg you, to open up your hearts, open them wide. Let Me shine My Light upon you, into your hearts, into your minds, into your souls, into your bodies. I will heal you My children in ways you canít even imagine. I will love you with an everlasting love, and the light that I shine upon you is the Light that heals, it is the Light that saves, it is the Light that forgives. It is the Light that builds up, it is the Light that renews. Open your hearts wide My children, I have so much love for you, so much grace for YOU. Donít shy away... donít be afraid of Me, I love you so very much.

  • The Lord seems to be saying 'My children, you CAN put all your eggs in one basket. You can trust Me with everything. Everything you have, your care, your trouble, your treasure, your desires. I am the faithful One. I will never rob you, I will never cheat you, I am faithful to the end. You can trust Me!í

  • The word was about Jesusí discourse in John 6 about eating His flesh & drinking His blood. How many found it too hard to believe one could eat Jesus & many turned away... left Him. It is the same in our time... among Christians, other churches do not believe in the REAL PRESENCE. As many walked away from Jesus at the time of this teaching, today they are still doing it... making a new church. Many do not believe the Catholics are still doing it, we drink the Blood. We read it by the WORD, but other people take the WORD & they change the words. We are the heart. The Holy Spirit says, ĎThis is the real Church in this room.í

  • Quiet Time Summary.

    That theme of Love that we heard so much last week has continued tonight when one of the songs talked about -- Your love surrounds us like a sea.

    The first prophecy says His Light shines upon us & His Light is forgiveness, healing... it is there to renew us. Open your hearts, I have so much grace & love for you. We can ask how much do You love us... how much He loves us is by the Blood that He shed for us, that we have nothing to fear.

    The song says do not be afraid, come follow Me, I am with you. I go before you, that we have nothing, NOTHING to fear. Whenever we stray, He takes us back with tenderness. I am faithful, you can always trust Me.

    In Romans He tells us anyone led by the Spirit... the Spirit witness to us that we call our Father, Abba, Father. That all this talk of trust & calling Abba, Father, he also wants us to remember that He is the Lord. How glorious You are! He is our Lord & our Saviour, and we should always stand in awe of Him.

    We talk about the Eucharist... sometimes I think we get...we can get a little too casual about receiving the Eucharist... if we remember when we receive it, that He died to make that possible for us, that He is our glorious, awesome Lord!

    He also wants us to hunger for His Word... to long for His Word, and that we will be instructed, He will be with us


June 11, 2012 Meeting

  • My children, My beloved children, I have called you each here this night because I have a special gift for you. Just like a gardener prepares a flower bed, I am now, in each of your hearts, preparing for a special seed I am going to plant in your hearts tonight. Tonight, I am going to give each & every one of you a very special seed, a very special word, just for you. Open your hearts & let Me place that seed within you, that little plant. And for it to grow My children, you need to be in My Presence & My Light. You need to pray, you need to be in the Word, you need to be open to My Love. And that little seed is going to make a magnificent gift in each and every one of your hearts and minds.

  • I just sense such a strong presence of the gentleness of Jesus here tonight, just hear the word... the gentleness of Jesus, and I imaged Him here in front of the altar, right there in front of those curtains, sitting there in front of the white sheet there that has the sheet music on it. And He is standing with His arms wide open, and His Sacred Heart is there and Heís all dressed in white. And He just wants us to come to Him, He just wants to hold us. He just wants to gently hold us, and for us to bring all of our burdens & our problems & our trials & our troubles... just to go into His arms & allow Him to touch us, to press His and over our hair & to give us a hug, & to hold us tight, & to just, just to stay in His presence. He wants to love us, He just wants to love us & touch us in real, real way.

  • For the last few meetings that Iívie bee coming here, Iívie had this feeling... First of all, we all know we have a guardian angel, every one of us has. I donít know how much we think of our guardian angel, most of the time; and when Iím here, I hear the angel saying to me... Thank you for giving me a break. All our guardian angels are here on their break, theyíre on guard, but to them it is a playground when we come here. They are happy!

  • Jesus is standing right up front, facing us, and He says, ďI open My Heart, I open the floodgates of My Heart, and Iím pouring My Precious Blood over each & every one of you.Ē Praise you, Jesus.

  • Iím getting, I have carved you on the palm of My hand, Iívie carved you on the palm of My hand, Iívie carved you on the palm of My hand... and it keeps coming back and itís almost like this is a conversation, weíre singing praises to Him and Heís telling us how much He loves us and we sing more praises & He tells us how much He loves us... and He is saying (starts to sing... I will never forget you, my people... we all join in...

  • The Holy One is here and Heís saying, ĎI know what each one of you is dealing with in your lives right now. Some of this is familiar to you, youívie walked this way before. Some are new experiences, and whether old or weather new, I am with you. I am here. Speak to Me. Surrender yourselves to Me. Listen to what I am saying to you. Close your eyes, and just focus on Me, for I love you in ways that you canít even imagine. I was at the root of the situation youíre in, I knew when it started. I can fix it, I can change it, I can heal it, just trust Me.'


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